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Maxi Full Length Bridesmaid Infinity Dress Convertible Wrap Dress Multiway Light Polignac Long Dresses
Item code: INL881-41
Sold: 189
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the color on this dress photo is: 41-light polignac
Proccessing Time: 5-8days
Shipping time: 5-7days
So you will receive this item or items 10-15days after you order! thank you!
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Infinity dress: For most occasion and events, especially for bridesmaids for wedding! One single dress can be wrapped into many styles! fits for different body shapes and sizes!

Check below size instruction and you will be able to get the right size to fit you. If the waist fits, the top and skirt will be fine :)

We have two dress sizes: size A and size B as below:
Size A: Waist: 20" up to 36"(your waist measurement is between 20" and 37" also includes 20" or 37",select this size A.) .

Size B: waist: 37" up to 48"(your waist measurement is between 38" and 50" also includes 38" or 50",select this size B. if larger than 50", select this size B too, but do leave a note in your order advising your exact waist measurement, so that we will make the dress larger as per your waist measurement to fit you but WITHOUT any extra charge.)

Skirt standard length is 41"(floor length)from the waistline to dress hem, but can make it longer or shorter WITHOUT any extra charge, just leave a note on your order advising us how many inches longer or shorter than 41" you want, so we will make it longer or shorter as per your request. So check your height from your WAISTLINE to floor with heels on to compare if standard 41" length is perfect, and if need longer or shorter, leave a note on the order advising how many inches longer or shorter need. we will make it longer or shorter accordingly as per your request. thank you!

Bandeau: it is free of charge, not need to buy bandeau separately, because each dress comes with one matching bandeau free of charge accordingly.
Bandeau size A: 9" long(vertical) x wide(horizontal): 26" stretched to 40". come with dress size A.

Bandeau size B: 9" long(vertical) x wide(horizontal): 32" stretched to 44". come with dress size B.
If need longer or wider bandeau, please leave a note on the order advising how many inches longer or wider need. we will make it as per your request WITHOUT any extra charge.

Color: please check the color chart on the list to see which color you want and you will see the color code marked with letter or No. such as K, A, L..28.38..etc for the conerning color. so when ordering the dress/dresses, click the color box and roll down to select the conerning color code for the color you want. we will make the dress in the color as per your selected color.

**We have over 70 colors, please kindly find below list to check them and if can not find the color you are after, please kindly contact us.
Taking measurements as below(1 inch = 2.54cm):





Average reviews on this item:
Frederika, Lasher wrote on Jun-22,2016
savanna, Baymon wrote on Jun-6,2016
Such a beautiful dress! Thank you! The bridesmaid dress hunt is OVER!!!!!!! Great customer service!
Jennifer, FORWARDING wrote on May-27,2016
Love, Love, Love it! The dress is so beautiful. This is a better deal than the expensive brands
Elizabeth, Fisher wrote on Mar-30,2016
Meghan, Macleod wrote on Feb-11,2016
Love this dress. I purchased one for my bridesmaids to try and they love it! Really comfy. Perfect colour, and good quality too. Im gonna purchase another four soon!
Yasmin, Cha wrote on Jan-23,2016
The colour and fitting is perfect for my bridesmaids!!
Tammy, Flynn wrote on Jan-4,2016
Awesome dress awesome seller!!! Repet costumer!!
Michelle, carpio wrote on Dec-23,2015
Esther, zaeri wrote on Dec-10,2015
The dresses were Awesome. Lv the owner worked with me and expidited the order. Very professional. I was a nervous wreck because my 1st order from another vendor fell through. Lv made sure the dresses were sent and received in a timely fashion. I would "HI
Sheena, Roberts wrote on Nov-4,2015
Christine, SOPHIE wrote on Sep-23,2015
Teslin, wrote on Sep-11,2015
Brittani, Dau wrote on Aug-31,2015
Rosa L E, Little wrote on Aug-9,2015
Cherry, Brown-Fisher wrote on Jul-28,2015
Nicole, Boyer wrote on Jul-21,2015
Gemma, Smith wrote on Jun-16,2015
Aja, Crnobregu wrote on Jun-4,2015
Kelsi, Crawford wrote on May-15,2015
Emily, Kawcak wrote on May-8,2015
Sheila, Umphrey wrote on May-1,2015
Nicola, Her wrote on Apr-19,2015
Anna, Clark wrote on Mar-23,2015
agnieszka, Larsen wrote on Mar-14,2015
Cara, Seal wrote on Feb-25,2015
Kathy, Cornwell wrote on Jan-13,2015
Carly, Noland wrote on Dec-31,2014
Patrique, Mitchell wrote on Dec-23,2014
sherri, Burgess wrote on Dec-16,2014
Kelly, kardynal wrote on Dec-16,2014
Samantha, Cannon wrote on Dec-16,2014
Erinn, Kourouma wrote on Nov-23,2014
Rebecca, Brabo wrote on Nov-14,2014
Lainisha, Dudley wrote on Nov-10,2014
Liana, Long wrote on Oct-13,2014
Jennifer, beck wrote on Oct-8,2014
David, Diaz wrote on Oct-1,2014
Jayden, McGrath wrote on Aug-27,2014
Maria, Madera wrote on Aug-8,2014
Sara, McCloskey wrote on Jul-29,2014
Morag, Houston wrote on Jun-28,2014
Jaeger, Gajdosik wrote on Jun-22,2014
angel, Sinn wrote on Jun-15,2014
MATTHEW, ross wrote on Jun-10,2014
Blanca, Broek wrote on Jun-2,2014
Symone, Payne wrote on May-27,2014
Angela, Thiede wrote on May-23,2014
Claridel, Gilbert wrote on May-23,2014
Meagan, Millard wrote on Apr-29,2014
Catriona, Jacob wrote on Apr-19,2014
Jade, Arbon wrote on Apr-8,2014
Marlow, Jones wrote on Apr-8,2014
Crystal, Wells wrote on Apr-2,2014
Crystal, Kerr wrote on Mar-30,2014
Sarah, Flanagan wrote on Mar-30,2014
Sarah, Pham wrote on Mar-30,2014
Xaras, Pascua wrote on Mar-23,2014
Lesley, Williams wrote on Mar-8,2014
myranda, Kelly wrote on Mar-8,2014
Courtney, Bennell wrote on Mar-8,2014
claire, Lassila wrote on Mar-8,2014
Sharon, DeRaaf wrote on Feb-27,2014
Bonnie, Collins wrote on Feb-27,2014
Amber, ward wrote on Feb-27,2014
Barbara, Holbrook wrote on Feb-27,2014
Callahan, Whittle wrote on Feb-25,2014
Courtney, Brown wrote on Feb-19,2014
Catherine, Heotzler wrote on Feb-9,2014
Rosanna, Stephenson wrote on Feb-9,2014
Kristi, Lewis wrote on Jan-24,2014
Elizabeth, Wiseman wrote on Jan-7,2014
Meagan, Poirier wrote on Dec-23,2013
Emma, Weber wrote on Nov-27,2013
Pamela, Mark wrote on Nov-12,2013
Leah, Brant wrote on Nov-1,2013
Liam, dezell wrote on Oct-11,2013
Melissa, Fishilevich wrote on Sep-30,2013
Meredith, Evans wrote on Sep-9,2013
Victorianlovechild, Sandoval wrote on Sep-4,2013
kurt, Crutsinger wrote on Sep-4,2013
Annie, Fearing wrote on Aug-21,2013
Lacie, Eurell wrote on Aug-21,2013
sarah, Thelen wrote on Aug-21,2013
Kathleen, Pettigrew wrote on Aug-21,2013
Victoria, practice wrote on Aug-21,2013
Lucy, TRINH wrote on Aug-21,2013
Ellen, Sagert wrote on Aug-21,2013
Margaret, Rickard wrote on Aug-21,2013
NICOLA, Wiseman wrote on Jul-19,2013
Fara, Vasquez wrote on Jul-1,2013
Elsa, Gay wrote on Jun-12,2013
Laura, Camarero wrote on Jun-3,2013
Margaret, Patterson wrote on May-28,2013
Services -, Fogarty wrote on Apr-3,2013
Brianna Bridesmaid, Reyes wrote on Mar-24,2013
Rebecca, Sneider wrote on Mar-15,2013
madi, Bertie wrote on Feb-14,2013
jovanna, Willmott wrote on Jan-17,2013
Jamie, Lucky wrote on Dec-31,2012
Rebekah, Sevrey wrote on Oct-26,2012
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